Press Release: A Firm NO on the HOME Act

Last week, the County Executive introduced a bill to the Council that threatens all we’ve accomplished so far. Known as the “HOME Act,” this bill would force property owners to accept section 8 housing vouchers. Under the bill, a landlord who chooses not to accept a housing voucher from a prospective tenant would be guilty of discrimination. Under a Conciliation Agreement signed by former County Executive Kamenetz, the legislation will be reintroduced every year until it passes. This bullying of Baltimore County by the Fed is a relic of Obama-era HUD policy.

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Defending Against Section 8

When I first took office, a major concern in our communities was the high number of federal section 8 housing. It’s long been an issue of concern, and individuals feel powerless to resist the federal government’s influence on our communities.

I was not surprised to learn that our district has the most rental units of any other in the county. The information and specifics on who has a section 8 housing voucher is protected under law by our federal government. However, anecdotally it was clear that we had more than our fair share, and we have had enough of this.

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