2020 CZMP process concludes

The hallmark responsibility of the Council is legislating for land-use. One of the tools we have is the Comprehensive Zoning and Map Process, or CZMP. This county process comes along every 4 years, with the most recent session concluding on August 25, 2020. During that special session of the Council, zoning maps were redrawn for the next 4 years. Our district had a few notable properties which garnered most of the attention of the public.

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Protecting Fort Howard

CZMP Issue 7-015

The business of local government continues, even as COVID-19 has disrupted government operations as it has everyone else. One process that continues is the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP).

As your Councilman, I have decision making authority regarding CZMP issues. It is a responsibility I take seriously. CZMP issue 7-015, the Fort Howard VA property – a source of confusion and mistrust for over a decade – was filed by the current lease holders. They request a zoning change allowing for hundreds of dwelling units.

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Upgrading Our Housing Stock

Nowhere else in Baltimore County will you see the damage done by massive job losses than in the 7th District. Over the last 30 years, we have been devastated by the demise of our industrial and manufacturing job base and we saw what most of us have never seen – blighted neighborhoods, vacant commercial property, a decline in property values and, subsequently, a lack of community involvement and pride.

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Bill 86-15: Manufacturing, Heavy (M.H.) Zone Use Regulations

Our district has been devastated by job loss, and our constituents deserve every effort to attract jobs to Sparrows Point.

On Monday night, Dec. 7, the County Council voted on Bill 86-15, which is legislation I sponsored. It is perhaps the most important economic development legislation in the history of the 7th District, if not Baltimore County, and I encourage everyone to read it.

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