The Future of Tradepoint Atlantic

When I had the honor of being elected Councilman in 2014, I immediately set to work on our vision to bring prosperity and pride back to our community and families. I am proud to play a leading role in bringing millions of dollars in public and private investment to our District, particularly when the area had been ignored for so long. We are finally getting the attention we deserve. New schools, new businesses, new jobs, and improved housing stock; these are all indicators of a community that is on the rise after so many years of economic stagnation and neglect. The various investments necessary for our return to prosperity are underway, and new opportunities are on the horizon.

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Upgrading Our Commerce and Retail

It’s not hard to look around and see the effects of an advanced Internet economy on yesterday’s commercial buildings, stores and malls. As the national economy continues to move forward, neighborhood shops and malls are forced to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Properties sit vacant and consumers choose to purchase everything from household goods to clothing from the comfort of their homes or even from their mobile phone.

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Landmark Essex Revitalization Legislation Passed by County Council

Since taking office, I have had ongoing discussions with the Baltimore County Planning Department on how to infuse investment and prosperity back into the Essex Community. Essex has experienced the devastating impact of the massive job losses that affected southeastern Baltimore County.

In the past, we’ve had no organized community development organization to receive and properly manage funds. This type of entity is the primary essential component to attracting any type of public sector investment. From the very beginning of this endeavo,r it was a roadblock to any further action or interest from State or Local government. True and lasting revitalization cannot occur without a collaborative effort ofthe community, business leaders and government.

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Bill 86-15: Manufacturing, Heavy (M.H.) Zone Use Regulations

Our district has been devastated by job loss, and our constituents deserve every effort to attract jobs to Sparrows Point.

On Monday night, Dec. 7, the County Council voted on Bill 86-15, which is legislation I sponsored. It is perhaps the most important economic development legislation in the history of the 7th District, if not Baltimore County, and I encourage everyone to read it.

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