County Budget and the Case for Property Tax Relief

We are living in unprecedented times that require decisive action. The COVID-19 public health crisis has disrupted everything from government, business, and our daily lives in unforeseen and painful ways.

It has caused much debate over “essential vs. non-essential”, a debate that certainly extends into this year’s County budget process. Faced with projected revenue shortfalls and required to formulate a balanced budget, the County must undergo the difficult endeavor of deciding what is essential and put off or eliminate what is deemed non-essential as well as determine not only what funding is required to meet its governmental obligations, but also what is best for our constituents facing hardships through no fault of their own. 

This budget demands a more thoughtful and conservative approach than ever before, and when many “safety net” mechanisms have failed us, we must do what we can to provide financial relief to the hard-working people of Baltimore County.

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Defending Against Section 8

When I first took office, a major concern in our communities was the high number of federal section 8 housing. It’s long been an issue of concern, and individuals feel powerless to resist the federal government’s influence on our communities.

I was not surprised to learn that our district has the most rental units of any other in the county. The information and specifics on who has a section 8 housing voucher is protected under law by our federal government. However, anecdotally it was clear that we had more than our fair share, and we have had enough of this.

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