Under Seige!

I am not sure there are words enough to express our outrage and anger about the havoc that took place at Eastpoint Mall last night.

For the second year in a row, the traditional carnival was transformed into complete turmoil- costing you, the hard working taxpayer of Baltimore County- valuable police resources that could have and should have been free to be deployed elsewhere. Law enforcement officers were put in harm’s way, and the safety of the surrounding neighborhoods was threatened.

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Defending Against Section 8

When I first took office, a major concern in our communities was the high number of federal section 8 housing. It’s long been an issue of concern, and individuals feel powerless to resist the federal government’s influence on our communities.

I was not surprised to learn that our district has the most rental units of any other in the county. The information and specifics on who has a section 8 housing voucher is protected under law by our federal government. However, anecdotally it was clear that we had more than our fair share, and we have had enough of this.

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Landmark Essex Revitalization Legislation Passed by County Council

Since taking office, I have had ongoing discussions with the Baltimore County Planning Department on how to infuse investment and prosperity back into the Essex Community. Essex has experienced the devastating impact of the massive job losses that affected southeastern Baltimore County.

In the past, we’ve had no organized community development organization to receive and properly manage funds. This type of entity is the primary essential component to attracting any type of public sector investment. From the very beginning of this endeavo,r it was a roadblock to any further action or interest from State or Local government. True and lasting revitalization cannot occur without a collaborative effort ofthe community, business leaders and government.

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