Meet Todd

I was born and raised in Dundalk and have also lived in Essex. I am the son of a steelworker who instilled the value of hard work in his children. Through my own hard work, sweat, tears and perseverance, I was able to attend Gilman School. My family emphasized community service, so I grew up in Recreation and Parks Programs and Civic Organizations. I was taught that when you are called to serve, you step up.

Over the next few years, I look forward to discussing how to improve our community. We are a strong, one-of-a-kind place with a rich history all our own. We possess a unique personality and character to persevere, but we are also the poorest district, with the highest density of subsidized housing and largest homeless population in Baltimore County. We also bear the burden of an industrial era that is no more. The first step we must take is to restore the trust we have in the people who represent us.

I strive to be a representative that listens, cares and treats people with the dignity and respect they deserve.


“Shake off any dust that may accumulate from lack of purpose.”

 ~Cpl. Chris Coffland
 US Army, KIA Afghanistan, 2009

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