Under Seige!

I am not sure there are words enough to express our outrage and anger about the havoc that took place at Eastpoint Mall last night.

For the second year in a row, the traditional carnival was transformed into complete turmoil- costing you, the hard working taxpayer of Baltimore County- valuable police resources that could have and should have been free to be deployed elsewhere. Law enforcement officers were put in harm’s way, and the safety of the surrounding neighborhoods was threatened.

While the carnival has been shut down, and will not re-open according to Mall management, there is a larger issue we have to ask authorities to confront.
Our community, which we all love, invest in and where so many people serve selflessly to make special, is under siege by people who do not live or work here and have no idea how to act in a civil society.

All of the work being done to strengthen and improve our community is being undermined by City residents who somehow think it is ok to run wild, intimidate drivers at intersections, and come to our community to do nothing more than commit crime or cause chaos.

We have had enough! We have worked too hard and have too much pride. We need answers to this crisis. I am calling on the County Executive to take action, to get control of this situation, and to use his authority to end this siege on our peace and prosperity so we can be the community we deserve to be.

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