Upgrading Our Commerce and Retail

It’s not hard to look around and see the effects of an advanced Internet economy on yesterday’s commercial buildings, stores and malls. As the national economy continues to move forward, neighborhood shops and malls are forced to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Properties sit vacant and consumers choose to purchase everything from household goods to clothing from the comfort of their homes or even from their mobile phone.

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Defending Against Section 8

When I first took office, a major concern in our communities was the high number of federal section 8 housing. It’s long been an issue of concern, and individuals feel powerless to resist the federal government’s influence on our communities.

I was not surprised to learn that our district has the most rental units of any other in the county. The information and specifics on who has a section 8 housing voucher is protected under law by our federal government. However, anecdotally it was clear that we had more than our fair share, and we have had enough of this.

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Upgrading Our Housing Stock

Nowhere else in Baltimore County will you see the damage done by massive job losses than in the 7th District. Over the last 30 years, we have been devastated by the demise of our industrial and manufacturing job base and we saw what most of us have never seen – blighted neighborhoods, vacant commercial property, a decline in property values and, subsequently, a lack of community involvement and pride.

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